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At Corsicana Chiropractic, we are grateful for all of our wonderfully loyal patients.  Read some of their testimonials here!  These are genuine chiropractic success stories!

It is my privilege to recommend Dr. Erika Eeds' chiropractic care.  All office visits/adjustments have been good, but I want to tell you about a recent time that caused me to say, "Oh, this, to me, is a miracle."  Low back issues have limited my everyday life, and especially my walking.  Now, I don't mean exercise walking, but the normal, regular walking... from my car to the door of a store or from one area at the library to the front door.  I would have to stop after 15 steps or so to allow the cramping in my low back and thighs to relax.  After an adjustment, it would be better for 10 days to nearly three weeks but would tighten up with a vengeance.  I would always think that I would have to suffer through until my next appointment.  So, I talked to Dr Eeds about it and she applied her 'magic hands' knowledge and training to my low back. I had four weeks of relief!  I have been told (starting with my mother)  that I have 'sway back' and will always have back pain. NOT SO!  This very good doctor realigns my spine bringing pain relief and much better function to my lower extremities.  Yes, the 'sway back' may always be there, but the pain will not.
Mrs. J.T.
I had been experiencing upper back and neck pain for two months before I called and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Eeds.  After my first adjustment, I immediately felt better within a day or two.  I wish I would have called sooner.  Dr. Eeds knows her stuff!

- Mr. S.A.

"The first time I saw Dr. Eeds, I felt like I was sitting on a nerve in my left hip.  The very first time she adjusted me, she corrected it!  What a blessed relief!  Then, I began to realize that, after four or five adjustments, the hacking cough I'd been trying to cure had improved.  Even though I keep regularly scheduled appointments, I also have benefitted from her Craw-Ins Welcome policy.  Plus, Dr. Eeds is fun to be around!"

- Ms. J.B.

"Dr. Erika Eeds worked me in as an emergency patient today because I was feeling incredibly under the weather.  She was amazing and has a great bedside manner!  She listened to my concerns and addressed them all. I'm already on my way to feeling better!  Thank you so much for helping me heal, Dr. Eeds!"

- Mrs. A.Z.




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