At Corsicana Chiropractic, we are grateful for all our wonderfully loyal patients. Read some of their unsolicited testimonials! These are genuine chiropractic success stories!

"Dr. Means is a very caring, very thorough chiropractor. He is an excellent adjuster and one of the things I like best about  him is that he takes time with his patients. I never feel rushed in his office. He listens to me. He wants to get to the cause of the problem and help me improve quickly but completely."

- Renee S.

"I am proud to say I was Dr. Means' very first patient. I was the first person through the door when he opened his practice. I am still walking through the door on a regular basis 24 years later! My job requires long periods of standing on hard floors. That and I love yard work. Consequently, from time to time, I feel it in my neck, shoulders and low back. That's when I call Dr. Means. I would not still be using him for 24 years now if he wasn't helping me. He and his massage therapist Patty are the best. THE best!"

- Lupe O.

"I'm a 92 year old retired pastor. Over my 71 years in the ministry I made about 30 short term mission trips to Mexico. Though rewarding these trips are very physically demanding. I made my last trip just three years ago at AGE 89! I've  been seeing Dr. Means for five years now and though I fully recognize the Good Lord as the master healer I'd like to give at least some of the credit for my long ministry to Dr. Means."

- Robert C.

"Oh, how I wish I'd gone to Dr. Means first! All I did was reach into the dryer for that last sock and, WHAM, it hit me. Severe low back pain. I went to my ordinary doctor who took x-rays, told me nothing was wrong and sent me to a 'specialist'.  He took an MRI and ran some other expensive tests. Again, finding nothing 'wrong' he prescribed a bunch of pills and sent me on my way. The pills didn't help and, besides, who wants to have to live on pain pills? At the suggestion of a friend I went to Dr. Means. I felt better after the very first adjustment and continued to improve throughout the course of treatment. I wound up kicking myself for not going to Dr. Means first. I could have saved myself so much time, money and aggravation."

- Cynthia E.

"I'm an ex-jock. Quarterbacked my university to the Sun Bowl, was a four sport letter man in college, played professional baseball. I've had my share of bumps and bruises along the way but, since childhood really, chiropractic has kept me in the game. Now, at age 85, I've slowed down a bit but Dr. Means keeps me competitive on the tennis court and golf course with guys half my age. I owe a lot of my athletic success and longevity to chiropractic and, specifically, Dr. Frank Means."

- Frank S.

"I'd suffered with vertigo for over a year. I'd  been to medical doctors and, honestly, all they wanted to do was fill me full of pills. All the pills did was make me sleepy, real sleepy. I decided to try a more natural approach. After just a few visits to Corsicana Chiropractic Dr. Means had improved my dizzy spells by a good 75%. I'm still under his care and look forward to continued improvement."

- Dale P.

"Being in healthcare I fully understand that patients want and expect not only high quality treatment but also a high level of what can best be called 'customer service'. Dr. Means delivers on both counts. From the cheerful and helpful voice on the initial phone call to the professional and courteous way you are handled at check out, his office staff is first rate. Of course Dr. Means' technique is tops. I see him regularly for wellness care to maintain my spinal  health."

- Xavier V.


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